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About Word Counter

About Word Counter

Word counter is a free tool to count the number of characters and words. Simply put your cursor into the box or paste your content to count the words. Word counter will count the number of words and characters automatically. You can also paste a document that you already have written into the box and it will display the number of characters and words for that piece of writing.

Knowing the number of characters or words in a document can be essential. For example, if the author needs to write a specific amount of words for an essay or paper, word counter tool can help them know the exact number of words and characters in any document.

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Word Count is a free tool that allows you to count the number of words in any given text in just few seconds. You can choose to type the text directly on to the text pad in the browser or you can copy and paste that text that you have already typed. To count the total number of words in the given document or text you need to hit the 'Submit' button to get the total number of words. This saves you from manually counting the number of words in the document and thereby saving you a lot of time.

Word count tool is becoming a very important tool among the SEO experts and among writers. Whether you are writing an essay for your assignment or creating content for the web you will have to keep count of the number of words that you are writing. If you were to count words manually, you will be wasting a lot of time in counting the number of words rather than writing.

Word counter has gained special significance in the field of search engine optimization whereby you are required to maintain the right percentage of keyword densityand hence considered a very important webmaster tool. Added to that, webmasters that hire content writing services or SEO writing services will need to check whether they work returned to them matches their requirements. Our free tool here will help you calculate the number of words written by your writer easily in a just single click.

If you are a an SEO writer you will be able to save a lot of time by making use of this free tool as you will be required to know the minimum or maximum word count of your work. Using our tool here you will be able to speed up your work at no additional cost. You would rather be making more money because you will have more time for productive work than spending your time on counting words.

Our tool can be accessed from any computer and from any part of the world as this is a web based tool.