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About Keyword Density Checker

Tool show you the depiction of keywords used on your website, keywords with higher density are depicted first. 

 Keyword Density display by percentage of occurrence of your keywords in your website. It is necessary for your targeted keywords to have the higher keyword density to index well in Search Engines. This tool will analyze the given URL, extract content as a search engine would, remove common words and analyze the density of keywords in website.

There is no single universal or optimal keyword density percentage. Every search query is unique & search engines compare documents with other documents to identify some of their exclusive thresholds. offers a professional online Keyword Density Checker that is necessary in search engine optimization , because keywords are one of the most critical elements in search.

Keywords themselves are important for search, however, there is reason for new consideration:

At one time keywords used to be considered, perhaps, the most important factor of search engine ranking, but due to the overuse and manipulation repetitive keywords in some content, ( keyword stuffing), search engines now only give priority to content with appropriate density.

A keyword density between 3 - 10% of the total word count falls within an appropriate density for search engines to effectively find content. This is why using a Keyword Density Tool, such as's free online application is extremely helpful.

Using's professional Keyword Density Tool is not only an effective way to discover the percentage of keywords found in your content, but also separates the H1 through H6 page elements providing percentages of keyword density found in each area.

This Keyword Density Tool is so easy to use. Just type the URL, and the keywords that you want to check into and click evaluate; Instantly the Keyword Density Checker application displays the keyword density percentages broken down into elements such as: keyword quantity; and the total words of the page. In fact, will also allow you to compare three sites at the same time.

If you're looking for a Keyword Density Tool with great features, try's Keyword Density Checker and find out for yourself why this free online tool is the choice of webmasters around the world.