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About Domain Age Checker


This free tool show you the most accurate age of any website and enable you to find the registration date of that website. You can also check the ages of your competitor’s websites by using this domain age checker tool, older websites always rank well in search engine ranking.

Domain age is the duration between this moment and the time of registration of any website. Every top level domain doesn’t allow to check this date, but we can check the exact age of each website by using whois record. This is the best method to find out the exact age of any domain. Domain age matters a lot to rank higher in search engine ranking position. Use this free tool to find the ages of websites that you want to purchase

Many individuals don’t know exactly what a domain age checker is. Simply it is a platform where you can easily check the true age of any domain. By this we help you can know, from how long a website running on the internet. 

How Domain Age Checker can help you?

One of the main features of any website is the age of that website and when it was published on internet. It is easy to understand that old domains have extra edge to rank higher. In the eyes of any search engine algorithm, domain age matters a lot. Our free to use domain age checker tool help you quickly determine the registration date of a domain. Tool is very beneficial for you if you want to own a website, want to buy an existing domain, analyze website in your niece or your competitor’s website.

There is variety of free domain age checker tools on the web to use. The most of these tools are free to use, and they are useful for many reasons.  Search engines use them, websites owners use them, and everyday businesses use them as well. 

How to use Domain Age Checker tool?

For checking the age of any domain just enters the domain name in the above box and hit “Get Domain Age”. Right now this tool can support all top level domains such as: .net, .com, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .io, .uk etc.

If you want to invest in domain names or working with Snapnames or Namejet then this tool is very beneficial for you. it will show you the registration date and expiration date of entered domain.