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Welcome to What are Backlinks introduction 

What are backlinks? Backlinks are the most essential things online just next to what you’ve got to offer or to say to people! Backlinks are there to help you reach the maximum people you need to make your message heard. If they are well spread with diversity links, your site, blog or video is going to be very SEO friendly and will rank on the top. In some way, backlinks are the wire between you and your audience. Their significance lies in SEO. The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of a website or blog. Outside of SEO, the backlinks of a webpage may be of significant personal, cultural or semantic interest: they indicate who is paying attention to that page.

About Backlink Checker

Creating a powerful backlink profile is very essential when you do search engine optimization for your website in order to increase traffic on your website. Free backlink checker allows you to check your backlinks according Google, Alexa and Bing. This approach makes it a vital tool for any expert and successful SEO technique.

it's really very important to build quality backlinks for your website. If you have seo optimized content and relevant backlinks then no one can stop to boom your ranking on search engines. So in this case we are introducing our free backlinks checker tool. It's free of charge and anyone can use it for their website. The working process of this tool is very easy but the work is too big.