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About Alexa Rank Checker
Our free Alexa rank checker tool can display the current ranking of multiple sites in Alexa ranking system. The lower number in ranking is better. This is very useful to determining the traffic of a web site and in assessing the value of linking partners.

This is a high speed Alexa ranking checker tool and free of charges. If you are interested to check many websites, then congratulations, you can use this tool as much time as you want.

PageRank, what is it ? 
That is besides Larry Page Co-Founder of Google's last name. In laymans terms it is Voter Popularity of sorts. You see Google gives your website a score, a score that determines to some extent how important your website is compared to other websites. In Googles eyes if an important website (this is to say a website with an established PageRank) has a link to your site (this is considered pointing to your site) it counts as a vote. Now there are alot of different values to these votes, if the site is similar to yours it may count for more points, if it has a higher PageRank than yours it may also count for more points. Only Google knows exactly what a particular vote is worth. This is measured with what is known as the Google PR Algorithm. This was created at Stanford University (yes they have the patent, but Google has exclusive rights) and the University received approximately 1.8 million Google Shares (in 2005 that was worth an amazing 340 Million Dollars). To sum things up, the Google Toolbar displays a Rank of 0 to 10. 10 obviously being at the higher end of the scale and therefore ZERO (sometimes an N/A when you have not yet been ranked by Google) at the lower end.-M.Carangi