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About Google Malware Checker

About Google Malware Checker

This online free google malware tool allows you to determine whether Google has indexed the website domain as suspicious or not. Google Malware Checker provides the security advisory to save website users from harmful content. Webmasters should check their website whether it is infected or not.

The little tool will show you if Google has detected any kind of malware on the web page, how many pages were tested in last 90 days, and how many servers are hosting the website.

Notice that the Safe Browsing technology by Google is embed in the Firefox and Chrome browsers too, so that if you want to visit a website that is currently harmful the browser will tell you about it.

Malware checker

Antivirus software can attempt to scan for rootkits; a rootkit is a type of malware that is designed to gain administrativelevel control over a computer system registry. Joomlaantimalwarescanscript a joomla! security script that automatically scans the joomla! files for some patterns and fingerprints of malware, trojans or download.

These tools alerts the users to the presence of malcode in a website or a webpage dns check. Some of the tools provide vulnerability assessment and help secure online url. I also have security scan and use that and my site doesnt come up with malware or viruses domain. This warning came up when i went to my blog today and its on website check.